Apollo ticks the box yet again: First specific rota ablation workshop

In a workshop on complex coronary intervention and rotablation held at apollo hospital on Saturday the 8 th of June, patients were benefitted by a new technique in angioplasty called Rotablation in which the calcium and hard arteries are treated by a rotating a fine diamond burr at very high speed thereby debulking the arteries of calcium and this makes the stent expansion and deployment very easy
Such arteries were earlier not amenable to treatment with angioplasty and were referred for cabg, at times
Dr Roshan Rao HOD Deptt of cardiac sciences, quipped that these workshop was predominantly constructed for doing rotablation of undilatable arteries,which is supposedly the final frontier in no option patients who are high risk for a cabg or have been denied a cabg because of low heart function, this procedure give such patients new hope and lease of life

It is estimated that India is home to nearly thirty million individuals suffering from coronary diseases and nearly three million heart attacks happen in India every year and this number is growing and therefore alarming” said Dr. Sarita Rao, senior interventional Cardiologist, Apollo Hospitals, Indore.

While these summits get global experts to discuss on the latest in treatment offering in India and the world, it also reflects on some of the best practices in the space of prevention and early diagnosis, which I feel is the need of the hour, added Dr.Sarita Rao

Dr Susheel jain told that The Annual Summit attracted over 250 clinicians from Indore and different parts of the state, Key opinion leader from across the city participated in speaking about the evolving treatment scenario along with the visiting guest of honor from China Dr Yang, also contributed his views on the need for rotablation and other complex interventions as the society is aging and so is the complexities which makes the extensive CABG surgeries at times very tricky.

The need for better treatment for failing heart as in heart failure was also addressed by a difficult surgical procedure called ventricular restoration surgery by Dr kshitij dubey Sr CTVS surgeon

Apollo hospital traditionally has been involved in pioneering and changing the landscape of health scenario in India and worldwide since its inception in early 80s and it continues its Saga here in Indore by treating and evolving medical best medical practices for the betterment of society and to bring international standards at affordable prices which is the mission statement of Apollo hospitals quipped Mr Sidhartha Bhargava Director and Mr Abhilash Pillai The unit head of apollo hospital indore in unison
Dr Ashok Bajpai Sr physician and medical director of apollo hospital congratulated the Team of Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery for doing excellent work with as good as any international centre.

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